Protein Structure Prediction
Public Services

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This document contains a collection of free public services and tools for protein structure analysis and prediction.
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1D Predictions Residue Properties, Secondary Structure Prediction, Solvent Accessibility Prediction, Transmembrane Helix Prediction, Coiled-coil Prediction, Domains and Motifs, Other Sequence Features
2D Predictions 2D Predictions
3D Predictions Homology Modelling, Fold Recognition (threading), Model Evaluation, Protein Structure Databases, Comparison and Classification
4D Predictions Programs, Protein Interaction Databases
Visualization Programs Visualization Programs
Evaluation of Prediction Methods Evaluation of Prediction Methods
Other Services More Lists of Services, Program Repositories

1D Predictions

Prediction or determination of residue characteristics along the linear sequence of the protein.

2D Predictions

Prediction of features concerning pairs of residues, normally contacts.

3D Predictions

Prediction of three-dimensional structure of proteins.

4D Predictions

Prediction of higher levels of protein arrangement (protein interactions).

Visualization Programs

These programs allow to view and manipulate protein structures. Some of them incorporate other features like structural or sequence alignments.

Evaluation of Prediction Methods

Due to the great number of protein structure prediction methods available on the web, it is important to asses and compare their real prediction accuracy.

Other Services

(c) ALMA Bioinformatica, 2001
Services offered by ALMA Bioinformatica for protein structure prediction: