Professional laboratory project expositions with WebLab©
Brief info

bioalma offers the best way of presenting your investigation team and project achievements to the scientific community.

bioalma presents WebLab, a new service that offers the possibility to present your investigation group and/or research results the best way. Nowadays, the fastest and more powerful way to let the world know you, no matter what your professional field is, is through the Internet. Molecular Biology world is NOT an exception, and we, as experts in the massive biological data management and analysis, do know your needs.


Depending on your necessities, two kind of services can be chosen:

  1. Investigation Team Web Portals:
    Cheap, easy, powerful and fast websites, designed to present your team members and project achievements.

  2. Online results publications:
    Extremely personalized service, including:
      - Expert web consulting.
      - Expert biology consulting.
      - Exclusive and unique web site design.
      - Almost unlimited number of sections.
      - Absolutely flexible website workflow.

You may also want to download our pdf documentation, describing WebLab's features:

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