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Current research activity in genomics, proteomics and functional genomics involves a significant and increasing dependence on bioinformatics.
bioalma complements and facilitates our clients' research interests by providing them with direct access to the complete range of bioinformatics resources and services.


Our collaborative consulting approach starts by working with our clients to define needs and expectations, and then continues by measuring our performance according to these agreed standards. Building on our research-based innovation and a deep knowledge of our clients' business, we partner with them to provide creative solutions.

Our multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified professionals brings together two disciplines - bioinformatics expertise and technology - to help clients improve research performance. We provide consulting services in the areas of DNA microarrays, automated information extraction, protein structure prediction and genomics. These services can be provided on a purely consultancy basis, or as part of a collaborative effort in setting up new lines of research capability. This will often also include training of our clients' own staff in the effective use of bioinformatics technology.

As many of our clients are unable to justify establishing a fully-resourced bioinformatics department of their own, we have developed our bioalmaACCESS programme, whereby our clients are able to use bioalma as their bioinformatics department. In this way, in return for a flat monthly access fee, clients effectively have their own fully-staffed, fully-resourced bioinformatics department. Under this programme we grant clients full access to and use of the complete range of our bioinformatics resources:

  • Multidisciplinary team of experts.

  • Supercomputer installations.

  • Specialist software applications.

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