The completion of the human genome project has ushered in a new era in which biology has become an “information science”. In this new era, sharing of information is quickly becoming a critical aspect of scientific discovery. Effective Knowledge Management will be a key element in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in the years to come.

Scientific publication, as we have known it in print, is slow and expensive. In addition to the scientific literature up to 80% of a companies information is contained in text documents (Ah-Hwee Tan in “Text Mining: The state of the art and the challenges”). To provide a vehicle for disseminating the most exciting discoveries in a rapid, respected, and ready format the further development and massive use of professional text mining and information extraction systems is needed.

To address the ever-increasing problems of extracting knowledge from various different biological databases and text repositories, we have developed a Knowledge Server (AlmaKnowledgeServer - AKS) that enables users to uncover the knowledge hidden within these databases. The AKS provides an integrated set of tools for facilitating knowledge discovery that add great value to research work.

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