Protein Structure Prediction is a very important field from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Knowledge of the three dimensional structure of a protein is a key requirement for understanding its biological function and being able to modify it. Techniques for experimental determination of the 3D structure of proteins suffer from a number of drawbacks which makes structure prediction techniques mandatory.

At ALMA Bioinformatica, we are interested in further developing strategies for the analysis and prediction of protein structure and function. Our tools integrate our own proprietary technologies with techniques developed and licensed by others. All our programs and tools have been tested at international meetings for the evaluation of structure prediction methods.

Some of the technologies offered by ALMA include:

  • Programs for the interactive visualisation and combination of fold recognition (threading) results. These allow visualisation of the implicit threading models and the mapping of structure features onto them.

  • Systems for prediction of protein interactions based on sequence information alone.

  • Automatic programs for the prediction of functionally-important residues.

  • Programs for the prediction and visualisation of contacts between residues.

The technologies and solutions provided by ALMA to its clients can be classified into three categories according to the level of involvement of the user in the prediction process:

  1. Predictions carried out by our in protein structure prediction experts. Consulting on prediction of protein structure and function.

  2. Remote access to ALMA's bioinformatics infrastructure. Via interfaces of differing levels of complexity, the client can use ALMA's computational resources.

  3. Installation of programs locally at the client. These programs can be set up to be operated independently of ALMA or they can automatically connect and use, if necessary our computational resources as described in 2.

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