ALMA develops integrated genomic solutions covering the needs for genomic analysis. The global solution is built in three inter-connected modules:

Gene structure

Advanced methodologies for the analysis and prediction of gene structure and promoter regions, including:

  • Prediction of splicing sites

  • Determination of the exonic structure of gene families, and application to the identification of new members

  • Detection of potential products of alternative splicing. Correlation with functional and structural changes

Sequence analysis

High-throughput systems for performing massive analysis of biological sequences. An unique framework integrates all the necessary tools for performing the analysis (homology search, biochemical properties, structure predictions) with the adequate management of the data (linked databases for storage of sequences and results). The capabilities of the system allow several genomes or sequence sets to be stored, queried and compared simultaneously.

Comparative genomics

Tools for extracting and gathering comparative information from stored or external sources of data. Genomes can be compared attending to diverse criteria. Results allow the easy browsing and retrieval of information.

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