This is the only system currently available that assists researchers in organizing and managing the large number of biological samples involved in a typical DNA array experiment.

The system provides on-screen simulation of the fabrication of a DNA array, covering all stages from obtaining the primary multiwell plates to the final layout, design and fabrication of the array.

In addition, the system records all manipulations of the multiwell plates made by a liquid-handling robot, so creating an audit trail which is then used to identify, annotate and correct any incidences arising.

Some of the system's main characteristics are:

  • Microarray platform independent. Users can look up data from any workstation, even in their own home, as it is possible to access the system from any Web browser.
  • Multi-user and multi-level access. Only authorized users are able to modify the content of the database.
  • Minimum hardware requirements. Only a standard PC is required for fast results.

Other interesting features of ALMAZen(TM) include:

  • Relational database-based system
  • Designed to facilitate integration of other external information on clones into the system's database
  • Open and flexible system, that can be adapted to any DNA array laboratory.

Experienced users of DNA arrays have developed ALMAZen(TM) in close collaboration together with expert software designers and developers.

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