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Bacillus subtilis complete genome          Microbial genomes 

GenBank: NC_000964
Total Bases: 4214814 bp
Completed: Nov 20, 1997.
Feature table:
Protein coding genes: 4104
Structural RNAs: 121
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Contributor: BSNR
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Organism: Bacillus subtilis
Genetic Code: 11
Lineage: Eubacteria; Firmicutes; Low G+C gram-positive bacteria; Bacillaceae; Bacillus.

The complete genome sequence of the gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis
Kunst,F., Ogasawara,N., Moszer,I., Albertini,A.M., Alloni,G., Azevedo,V., Bertero,M.G., Bessieres,P., Bolotin,A., Borchert,S., Borriss,R., Boursier,L., Brans,A., Braun,M., Brignell,S.C., Bron,S., Brouillet,S., Bruschi,C.V., Caldwell,B., Capuano,V., Carter,N.M., Choi,S.K., Codani,J.J., Connerton,I.F., Danchin,A. et al.
Nature 390 (6657), 249-256 (1997)

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