almaZen System©
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almaZen System© is the only currently available that assists researchers in organizing, managing and analyzing the large number of biological samples involved in a typical DNA array experiment.

The system is bioalma’s answer to the problem of management of the thousands of clones involved in the fabrication of a DNA microarray. The system incorporates a unique protocol, that allows storage of any type of information on a clone (accession numbers, identifiers, descriptions, images, text files, documents...) The accessing to the functional description of the clones and the recording of any incidences are trivial tasks with almaZen.

The system is oriented towards microtiter plates and includes several tools for storing, manipulating and annotating all relevant information relative to the sequences to be incorporated within the DNA microarray. Thanks to almaZen, identification of each spot on the microarray and review of all manipulations from its entry into the laboratory are easy and intuitive.

An important advantage of almaZen is that is a completely web-browser based application, with no software installation required on the client computer. A single almaZen license serves for an unlimited number of users!


almaZen System© Modules:

Plate Management
Stores all the relative information to its clones and multiwells in a quick and easy access database.

Array Management
Manages thousands of clones involved in the fabrication of a DNA array.

Data Analysis
Allows the analysis of comparative microarray experiments and the tracking of all features from the slides to the original microtiter plates.

Other interesting features of almaZen System © include:

  • Microarray platform independent
    Users can look up data from any workstation, even in their own home, as it is possible to access the system from any Web browser.

  • Multi-user and multi-level access
    Only authorized users are able to modify the content of the database.

  • Minimum hardware requirements
    Only a standard PC is required for fast results.

  • Relational database-based system

  • Easy Integration
    Designed to facilitate integration of other external information on clones into system's database.

  • Open and flexible system
    Can be adapted to any DNA array laboratory.

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Experienced users of DNA arrays have developed almaZen© in close collaboration together with expert software designers and developers.
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