almaZen Plates2Arrays™
Brief info

Plates2Arrays imports the plates text files and allows manipulating plates like a Liquid Handling Robot, a virtual simulation of the pipeting, stores the protocols, simulates all transformations performed, stores all the information produced during the processes, and allows connection with external databases. One of the advantages of the module is that it reduces dependency from bioinformaticians.

Plates2Arrays manages the clone tracking process, simulates the arrays creation, imports MicroGrid files, GMS 417 files, allows for customization, creates arrays thought files as GenePix, Quantarray, and exports files for other systems.

Thanks to the ArrayLogic Module, identification of each spot on the array and review of all previous manipulations (the spot history) are easy and intuitive.


almaZen Plates2Arrays™ Modules:

Plate Management
Stores all the relative information to the clones and microtiter plates in a quick and easy access database.

Array Management
Manages thousands of clones involved in the fabrication of a DNA array.

Experienced users of DNA arrays have developed almaZen™ in close collaboration together with expert software designers and developers.
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