ALMAInteraction Applet

The ALMAInteraction applet will take some seconds to be loaded. Once loaded, the applet will read the files with the information about the proteins, the interaction among them and the structure of the graph. These files have a size of about 450Kb. The time spent in the reading will depend on the speed of your connection. After been loaded, the main window of the ALMAInteraction applet will popup.

The ALMAInteraction applet window is divided in three parts or panels: the main panel, on the top, in which the graph will be painted, the panel in the middle with the controls to display the graph, and the bottom panel in which the information about the proteins and interactions will be shown.
Additionally, ALMAInteraction has a menu that allows to search Entities and highlight them in the graph.

The controls

In this panel you can find several controls that affect to the drawing of the graph

The graph panel

The graph will be painted in this panel. The nodes represents proteins, and other biological entities as dna, rna, atp, etc. An edge between two nodes represents an interaction between the two biological entities. This edges vary in width depending on how many times that this interaction has been found in the literature.
If you doubleclick in a node or edge, the information available about the protein, or the interaction, will be shown in the information (bottom) panel.
You can move and change the position of the nodes by dragging them over the panel.
In this panel you can also customise the representation of the graph. If you press down the right button of the mouse over a node or interaction, a popup menu will appear with the following options:

Popup menu of a protein

Popup menu of an interaction

If you press the right button of the mouse over the panel (not over any node or relation) you will have the option to show all the interactions that are hidden due to its low score.

The information panel

The bottom panel shows the information available about the interactions and the biological entities. This panels has two tabs to select the information that you want to display. This information include:

Information about proteins (biological entities)

Information about relations (interactions)

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