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bioalma helps clients meet their needs for bioinformatics expertise and technology. We offer outsourcing and consultancy services to clients who wish to have access to expert bioinformatics resources and advice. We also develop technology to provide innovative solutions to specialized bioinformatics problems.

The company also provides training in the methods and tools of bioinformatics and a Masters program in Bioinformatics.



bioalma was founded in Spain in 2000 by scientists leading some of the most important bioinformatics research groups in Spain. They are well-known within their respective research fields and whilst they continue to perform their research roles, they created bioalma to offer their services and technology more widely.

  • Dr Alfonso Valencia is a senior scientist at the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB) within the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). He is coordinator of the Spanish Bioinformatics Network and vice-president of the International Society for Computational Biology. Over the last few years he has participated in numerous international projects. He leads a large group of bioinformaticians working on various aspects of protein analysis, from function assignment and genome analysis to protein structure prediction.

  • Dr Roderic Guigó is affiliated to the Municipal Institute for Medical Research (IMIM), an IMAS center, where he leads the Genome Informatics Laboratory within the Biomedical Informatics Research Group. He is also Associated Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University. His main expertise is in gene prediction, for which he has developed very sensitive methods (including alternative splicing, translational and post-translational forms). His work in benchmarking and calibrating gene prediction tools is also widely recognized, and some of the programs developed by his group have been used to analyze and annotate the first draft sequence of the Human Genome.

  • Dr Joaquín Dopazo works at the National Center for Cancer Research (CNIO). He has experience both in academia (working on molecular evolution) and also within various companies, including GlaxoWellcome where his interest in expression profiles analysis started. His current group's research is primarily focused on the development of methods and tools for expression array analysis.

The CEO of bioalma is:

  • Juan Carlos del Castillo, an economist who previously worked in the public sector as General Manager of the National Center for Biotechnology. He has an outstanding record in managing resources for science, particularly in the area of biotechnology. He is one of the founders of Bionostra, the first biotechnology company in Spain to be created by leading scientists active in the fields of biotechnology and plant science together with an industrialist with a strong background in the food industry.

Since then, the company has grown rapidly and has acquired a varied international client portfolio that includes large multinational pharmaceutical groups, specialist bioinformatics and biotechnology companies and public research institutions.

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